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My research focuses on the impacts of global change on plant-pollinator interactions and plant community structure. I approach the study of interactions by merging field experiments, observational studies and statistical modeling. In all of my recent research, I address ecological questions closely intertwined with the environmental issues pertinent to the future of life on Earth under global change.

For example, climate change is dramatically altering the timing of flowering, affecting whether interacting plants and pollinators will overlap in time - and therefore continue to interact - in the future. I manipulated the timing of flowering to assess the potential future impacts of these changes on seed production by native plants. The results of these analyses (changes of surprising magnitude in seed set) provide insight into the ecological surprises that may arise from phenological shifting. In the future, I plan to continue researching the community and species-level traits that will shape plant and pollinator responses to global changes, such as invasion and climate change. My research is relevant to fundamental questions in ecology as well as to conservation.